Now Selling…

It’s time, y’all! The granola is going on the Market. I’m still working on some last bits of business planning, but my Cottage Food Home Business – Unfolding Lovely Eats – is official!

The first thing I’ll be selling is the artisan granola I’ve worked hard to master over the last several years. A friend told me yesterday that this last batch was, “the best she’d ever eaten!” and I’m so happy! It’s the right time, and we’re just gonna go for it!

I have a few varieties I’ll be selling to start and I’ll also have the ability to custom make orders for people! I’ll be selling 10 oz packages, beginning at $10. The “Ultimate Granola” will be $14 for a 12 oz bag.

I feel incredibly lucky to make delicious things for people! I hope this is just the beginning!

Until I have a business bank account, I’ll be accepting payment through CashApp or Venmo to start. But once that business account is open and I can figure out how to set up a shop online, it’s gonna happen! 😉