(insert choice of meat) and Broccoli

Hello! It’s an odd name for a recipe, I know, but I’ve made it with so many types of meat, I don’t want to tell anyone they can’t do what they want! 😉

Last night, I made this meal with ground turkey. I’ve also used ground beef, chicken breast, and beef stew meat. It’s really versatile.

What you need:
1 pound ground turkey (or whatever you like)
2 crowns fresh broccoli (sorry, no frozen for this one)
1 small onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
Olive oil and sesame oil
Hoisin sauce
Soy sauce
Salt and pepper

Heat a large skillet with drizzles of both sesame and olive oil over medium heat. I’m not a *huge* fan of sesame oil, but I appreciate the flavor add it brings to this party. I use equal amounts here. Once the oil is warm and shiny, add the onions and cook until they’re soft and translucent. While those are cooking, grate your broccoli crowns using a normal, ol’ box grater, and set aside. When onions are nice and soft, add garlic and cook for another minute. Add grated broccoli and cook for about 2 minutes. Add salt and pepper. Remove to plate.

In the same pan, add another drizzle of olive oil, and add ground turkey. Cook and crumble meat until no longer pink. I wish I would’ve measured the sauces, but – you know me, I didn’t. I added a *few circles” of soy sauce and “one circle” of hoisin sauce – then I tasted, and you should, too. You can always start low and add more as you like for your personal tastes. Add salt and pepper. Remove cooked meat and place it atop the broccoli. Enjoy!

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